You are at the centre of all coaching decisions. Your lifestyle, health and training motivation influences why, when and how you train.

I coach a limited number of endurance athletes allowing me to monitor and more importantly adjust sessions to suit your schedule.

It’s not about a plan, it’s about you.


I believe structured, goal-orientated consistent training is the key to achieve your desired outcome.

A detailed Training Peaks plan shared between client and coach is a vital part of the structure provided by my training programmes.

This structure will remove any doubt from your mind about your training and your progress.


I work with you on a daily basis using Training Peaks software to plan, analyse and adjust training sessions based on your lifestyle.

Athletic success is more than watts, heart rate and pace, it has to take into account daily routine, stress and enjoyment.

Every athlete and every person is different – understanding and acting on that is key to progress. 


You use a heart rate monitor and/or a power meter to monitor and upload your daily sessions.

These parameters help us track your progress, we’ll also keep a close eye on your motivation and personal satisfaction.

We will decide together on the best way to monitor your progress from the outset.


I review, give feedback and adjust if necessary, allowing you to maximise your time training.

My coaching programmes allow for limitless reviews – we will tweak and change until we get the athlete on the right path.

And we will get your training on the right path.